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  1. Dana Jeffries says:

    Charlotte.. I am loving your blog and one of my friends from high school is reading it too!! I enjoy each and every entry and I find myself checking my email regularly to see your name pop up. I have been struggling for awhile trying to figure out Gods plan for me. Lately I think He has really been testing my faith. I am so happy to hear of your journey and to know you are finding peace and happiness in your life. Thank you for sharing your journey with me.. Dana Jeffries

    • Charlotte Hammer says:

      Thanks so much, Dana. I appreciate your comments. I think when we seek to figure out God’s plan, he directs our path. If we seek him…we will find him. The hardest part, for me anyway, is when there is waiting and hoping and trusting involved. I’d much rather have the doing. I’ll pray for you.

  2. Julie says:

    Wow!!!! Your blog was just what I needed to put life’s situations, both good and bad into perspective. Great writing that really touched my heart. Isn’t it amazing how vital God is in all that we do…..if, we can simply remember to listen? Your words and insights brought tears to my eyes and real peace to my mind….(which is most difficult to do when you are ALWAYS busy thinking about everything!!!) Thank you again and I look so forward to reading about your next “A-ha” moment. I sincerely want to thank you.

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