Playing Chutes and Ladders with Joseph and his Colorful Coat


The dice bounced around the game board, teetered, tumbled, spun before settling on the coveted six. Taking his cardboard cut out player, my young son counted, touching down in every square. When he landed on the big daddy slide, the one that takes you all the way from close to the top to down near the bottom, the expected tantrum ensued.

“It’s not fair!”

“I want to roll again!”

“I hate this game.”

Chutes and Ladders with my kids often provoked me to cheat. Not so I’d win but so I wouldn’t have to deal with the slide trauma. Questionable parenting, I’m sure.

Sometimes I wish God was inclined to shield me from life’s downward slides. The bumps in the road. Time spent languishing in waiting rooms. I prefer steady progress in life, especially when it comes to my God-sized dream. Even slow progress would be awesome.

But as most of us know, sometimes there are slides. Even a big daddy slide that lands you near where you started.

I am excited to be guest posting at God-Sized Dreams  today. Please join me there to continue reading.

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  1. Carmen Horne says:

    I hopped over to read the rest of your guest post and loved it. Beautifully written Charlotte. Keep moving toward your dreams. <3

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